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Xsys Engineering Machine Shop Machining services fremont CA semiconductor robot repair
Xsys Engineering Semiconductor Sales Repair Services
Xsys Engineering Semiconductor Sales Repair Services
Xsys Engineering Semiconductor Sales Repair Services

Wanted urgent items: (equipment, parts, & services).  

Please contact us ASAP if you have any of these items at Email: or Phone: 408-645-5443)

1.  Lam 4500 Oxide Etch, 150mm, prefer with Envision. Complete with chiller, cables, ac box, vacuum pumps.  Fixed match type is acceptable.

‚Äč2.  Qty 2 Table Top Spin Coaters, 4" - 6" any brand is acceptable, working, complete.

3.  Table Top Rapid Thermal Annealer, up to 6", any brand is working, complete
4.  Oxford Plasmalab 100 Series ICP RIE, up to 6"

5.  Oxford Plasmalab 80 PECVD
6. Kurt Lesker Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) RF / DC Sputter System

7. Kurt Lesker Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) 4 Pocket E Beam System

8. Karl Suss MA6 Mask Aligner, Non Cassette System is acceptable

9.  Microscope Inspection Systems. 4 Turret Objectives with Camera and Long Working Distance Objectives, any working condition system

10. Nikon Camera/Video Coordinate system, such as Model NEXIV VMZ or Similar (table size to be 2'x2' or 3'x3')

11.  Telemark TT-10 and TTI-6 Electron Beam Power Supplies
12. AMAT RTP, TPCC mainframe and qty 2 XE+ chambers, 200mm (150mm may be acceptable)

13. ASM E2000 EPI Reactor, 200mm (150mm may be acceptable)

14. AMAT PVD Centura 5200, 200mm, prefer with 2 PVD chambers and 1 PCII

15. AMAT Endura (most any configuration is acceptable)

16. March Plasmod RF generator, 300 watt, with remote interface, known working

17. TMC optical tables, qty 4, must be 3'x5' and 4" thick (air vibration isolation)

18. Contractor, part time service on TSK sorters, Model 1400 series (West Coast USA)

19. Contractor, part time service on Varian 3180 Evaporators (West Coast USA)